Client project concept teaser : ‘Project LLF2012’

Guessed what it is yet?

This image will be used on the final design concept created for the Love Luton Festival marketing material.

Love Luton encapsulates 4 fun elements : music, food, carnival and the Olympics.


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Inspiration 4 : The Spoke less Carbon Bike

Spokes? What spokes? 

Here’s an Italian concept bike that shatters the image of a traditional bike – cause this one sacrifices all that’s heavy in the name of carbon-based attributes. Designed by the Industrial Design Department of Alberto Del Biondi – a designing house from Italy – the concept bike is truly ‘fantastico’. 

As seen from the form, this Italian concept is truly state-of-the-art, and similar is the case with the proposed materials for its construction. This minimalist design uses latest materials and bases the entire frame on carbon. Geometrical proportions of the ‘premium city bike’ look great and keep the structure simple and pleasing to the eye. Apart from that, Biondi has focused on reducing weight to make the bicycle attractive for the commuters in the city.


This concept is high on style and is therefore appealing to the chic, green crowd of the city. Reducing weight and promoting strength through innovative form and materials, it can also lure the hardcore bicyclists.

Mobile phone concepts

I can only say two words “absolutely outstanding”.

Always amazes me when the world’s talented creative people are given total freedom to explore and create without commercial or business influences interfering with the pure creative process.

Could a paper wine bottle design really work?

Came across this in design week, a UK design news magazine. It’s a very interesting problem that could be solved by clever design.